For some, WFH means working from your car

Equipped with connectivity, vans make perfect offices

Nearly every average-priced new car sold today touts its ability to connect to smart devices, integrate with personal technology, and provide internet access to passengers. Often, this is billed as a way to turn an automobile into an entertainment hub that can provide leisure and amusement. But, like a product in an infomercial, these services can be used in multiple different ways. Recently, more people have been using their vehicles as work stations. 

As told to CNN Business, Walter Kinzie, the founder and CEO of an event business called Encore Live, has been using a Honda Odyssey as his mobile desk since the coronavirus began to spread in early March. Living on a 17,000-acre farm in South Dakota, Kinzie encountered some issues finding cell service, a necessity for his day-to-day operations. So, he reportedly drove around the farm until he found a spot with consistent bars. There, on top of what he and his family have since named "Walter Hill," he parks the minivan each day, sets up a couple tables for more space, and opens up shop. 

Although the Odyssey comes fairly well equipped, Kinzie still had to buy a few things to outfit his new office. He's purchased a cell booster, a printer, an iPad, and a coffee machine. On easier days, Kinzie even says he will take calls next to a pond on their property.

The second subject of the CNN article, Judy Wheeler, doesn't have the same breathtaking views Kinzie has, but she's making it work by doing tasks in the driver's seat of her vehicle while parked in her driveway. Occasionally, when notes aren't necessary, she'll go for a drive while taking a business call.

Still, the most pressing question, made more urgent by Kinzie's coffee, has not been addressed. What about going to the bathroom when not parked in a personal driveway? Modern vans are loaded with features, but none of them have a built-in commode. Maybe it's time.

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