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Memorial Day is, somehow, right around the corner already. If you're somewhere in the world that's still partially closed down, the days may be running together and the weeks may be flying by. Unfortunately, it's probably going to be a little more difficult than usual to throw a Memorial Day BBQ for the family and friends this year, but that doesn't mean that you can't throw a hell of a bash for yourself and your housemates. One of the greatest respites from the insanity of the world has always been relaxing in your own back yard with a beer and a burger, and that isn't any different now. If you're feeling like it's about time to up your patio or backyard game, Target has a great Memorial Day sale going on right now that could help you do just that. Here are some of our favorite pieces of furniture for your patio or yard. They're not all on sale, but they're all pretty solid deals either way. 

Elkton 3pc Metal & Wicker Patio Chat Set - $360 (20% off) at

Sitting in your back yard and enjoying the sun is great, but only if you have a nice place to sit. This patio set by Elkton features a small table and two chairs with seat cushions included. The pieces are built on a steel frame and have a brown woven wicker design with white legs. There's not a whole lot we can say about this one, other than it sure seems like a decent set for the price. The best part, of course, is that it's currently 20% off. You can get all the details right here

Britanna 3pc Folding Patio Bistro Set Black - $180 (10% off) at

This patio set is a lot like the first one, but it's a different style and costs a lot less. If you're not looking to spend nearly $400 on a patio set, then this one may be worth your time. This three-piece set by Britanna is also totally foldable for easy transportation and storage. It doesn't come with cushions, but the pieces are built on steel frames, and are rust- and weather-resistant. It's tough to make out in the photo, but the tabletop and chair seats have a woven construction, to add a little flavor to the look. If you want to check it out even closer, you can do so right here

8.5' Round Scalloped Spring Floral Patio Umbrella Green - Light Wood Pole - $88.00 (20% off) on

Lounging in the sun is great until you accidentally stay outside all day and end up redder than a tomato. If you're planning on doing a lot of backyarding this summer, don't forget to protect yourself from the sun! Sunscreen is important of course, but so is a big patio umbrella. This one is 8.5 feet across, and yes, it tilts. If you already have a patio table with a hole in the middle, this may fit right in. The pole has a 1.5" diameter. Be advised, while this is a solid deal for an umbrella, it doesn't come with a stand, you'll have to buy that separately. Luckily, there's one available here for just $36. Want to learn more about the umbrella itself? Do that here.

LED Solar Pathway Plastic Street Light Black - $4.80 on

If you've ever lived in any suburban area, you'll know exactly what these are. What you may not have known, though, is how affordable they actually are. This item isn't on sale, but at $4.80 a pop, it doesn't really need to be. This LED pathway light is totally solar powered, which means you won't have to plug it in, or really think about it much at all. Just pop in the single AA battery that it comes with, throw it in the ground, wait for the sun to shine, and you're good. They're also designed for "all weather," if you were wondering. Want to pick up a few to light the path to your favorite yard activities? Check them out right here

12" Self Watering Planter - $7.20 (10% off) on

Here's another classic suburbia staple, but it's a staple for good reason. Planters can make a huge difference in the look and overall vibe of your space. Often, these are some of the last things people think about when tidying up their yards for the summer, but a few well placed planters can take your patio from mediocre to HGTV-worthy. Often, people end up at one of two opposite ends of the spectrum, either having no planters or pots in their lives at all, or going way overboard and ending up with hundreds. Our advice? Take it slow, start with a few plants (even if they're fake) and see what you think. A few may be enough! Greenery is always good for the soul, though, so these are definitely worth some real consideration. Want to learn more about these specific planters? You can do that right here.  

25" Slat Cauldron Fire Pit - Black - $89.00 on

One of the best ways to have some socially distant interaction with people is around a fire pit. There's nothing better than sitting around the fire on a cool summer night drinking beer, telling stories, or playing guitar. Whatever the activity, if a fire pit is involved it's probably going to be a good time. This pit weighs just a smidge over 9 lbs, has a steel frame construction, and a metal mesh lining to keep your fire materials contained. If you want your place to be the hang-out spot this summer, grab some marshmallows and graham crackers and pick up a fire pit.

Kingsford 14" Portable Charcoal Grill - $31.99 on

No patio is complete without a grill. Are you a fan of burgers? Brats? Kabobs? If you're cooking any of those not on a grill, you're doing it wrong. A simple charcoal grill actually isn't nearly as expensive as you might think. After all, it's essentially just a steel pan with a lid. A good grill is like the cherry on top of a perfect backyard experience, and for less than $32 it's super affordable. Ready to get some BBQ going? Check out this grill right here.

Weber Summit S-670 Natural Gas Grill Model - $2,799.00 on

Or, if you're rich, completely ignore all of these suggestions and just get this monster. #GrillGoals

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