Hertz sells some of its commemorative Chevrolet Corvette Z06s

100 units were made in 2018 to celebrate Hertz's 100th birthday

  • Image Credit: Hertz

Hertz is thinning its fleet of late-model cars as it teeters on the brink of bankruptcy. Some of the vehicles it's selling are precisely what you'd expect to find in an airport rental lot, but there are a handful of commemorative Corvette Z06s in the lot that were designed jointly with Chevrolet to celebrate the company's 100th birthday.

The rental car giant announced its special-edition Corvette (pictured) in August 2018. The model was based on the Z06, and it kept the supercharged, 650-horsepower V8, but it received an edition-specific yellow and black livery. 100 numbered units were built and distributed to select Hertz locations across the United States for speed-hungry travelers to rent. This wasn't unusual; Hertz has commissioned several limited-edition cars before.

Hertz-spec Z06s began looking for a new home less than a year after the model made its debut, but the company evidently kept some in its regular rental rotation. Jalopnik noticed over 20 examples were listed on classifieds website AutoTrader in May 2020. They're all 2019 models equipped with the upmarket 3LZ option package, meaning they cost approximately $95,000 new, yet many are advertised under $60,000, which is the price of a new, eighth-generation Corvette. Their mileage hovers in the vicinity of 20,000, though the decades-old rule that rental car miles are the automotive equivalent of dog years doesn't bode well for future owners.

If you want to give a shift, the catch is that Hertz exclusively ordered its Z06s with an automatic transmission to avoid having to replace a clutch after every rental. The two-pedal setup isn't necessarily a deal-breaker because the last Z06 was an excellent performance car regardless of how it was configured. And, a look at previous special-edition models suggests there's a good chance these celebratory Corvettes will become sought-after classics in the coming decades. The various Ford Mustang-based Hertz cars are prized by collectors in 2020.

Hertz published a full list of the 22 Corvettes it's selling on its website. They range from a 12,416-mile car priced at $63,499 to an example with 34,269 miles on the odometer and a $57,394 price tag.

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