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This refurbished unlocked iPhone 11 is the lowest price we've ever seen

The right discount code brings it down to $599.99

In the year 2020, having a mobile phone isn't just an option for most, it's a necessity. There are tons of great mobile devices out there nowadays, and they seem to get better and better every year. While there will always be good-natured (and sometimes not-so-good natured) debates about whether or not iPhones or Androids are better, the cold, hard truth is that you can find great devices on either side of the fence, and on the iOS side, the iPhone 11 is one of the best around right now.

We were recently shown a deal on that was the lowest price we've ever seen for an unlocked iPhone 11. If you're unaware, most phones don't come "unlocked" by default, but if you do invest in an unlocked phone, that basically means that your phone won't be permanently tied to a specific carrier's service. Say you bought a normal "locked" phone with an AT&T contract. By default, after that contract was up, you wouldn't then be able to instantly use that same phone and insert a Verizon-compatible SIM card and it would work. It would still be "locked" to the AT&T network (or whatever network you initially used your phone on). With an unlocked phone though, you can change service whenever you want. It gives you the freedom to bounce around from carrier to carrier much more easily than a normal phone. 

This particular phone is the 64GB variation, which should get you pretty far in the way of app storage, and even further if you're also an iCloud user. It also features Apple's dual-camera system featuring the new "ultra-wide" camera, which can take some pretty stunning shots. In addition, it shoots 4K 60FPS video, has "the toughest glass in a smartphone," is water-resistant up to 2 meters for up to 30 minutes, has a liquid retina LCD display, and according to Apple, promises "all-day battery life." To be fair though, we're a little skeptical of that last claim. Also, be aware, this is a deal on a refurbished phone. Many of us here at Autoblog take advantage of refurbished tech deals. If you don't mind some potential, very minor dings that don't affect the usability of the device whatsoever, finding deals on refurbished phones, computers, monitors, etc, is one of the absolute best ways to save money on upgrades. 

Want to learn more about this deal? You can check out all the details right here. Oh yeah and don't forget to use the discount code 'Flash' for an additional $35 off. The offer is only available until May 20.

iPhone 11 64GB - Black Unlocked - $599.99 w/ discount code on

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