Eikōn Motorsports gives the C8 Corvette doors that go up, not out

Pre-order today for $2,999

With the launch of the mid-engined 2020 C8, the Chevrolet Corvette has more supercar flavor than ever, but there's one feature some might still find to be too plebeian. Unlike the entryway into a Lamborghini Aventador, a McLaren 720S, or a Rimac C_Two, the C8's doors open horizontally. Eikōn Motorsports (pronounced icon) is offering the chance to change that with its new scissor door kit for the modern Corvette.

For some, appearances are everything, and doors that do not open like a butterfly or like a Lamborghini simply don't cut it. Entrances and exits need to be more dramatic, more flashy, and cost more money. To enter and exit a vehicle "the billionaire way," Eikōn Motorsports is offering a scissor door kit for pre-order for $2,999, including installation. 

The kit is manufactured from heat-treated steel by U.S.-based Vertical Doors Inc. It includes two hinges, two gas shocks, and all necessary mounting hardware. The kit uses the factory bolt pattern, so attaching the doors is easy, but there are some clearance issues, as seen in the video below. Thus, some modifications to the C8 will be necessary in order to make the kit fit.

Should the owner get tired of the look or prefer to return the car to stock, the kit is completely reversible. But if the doors are a permanent fixture, the kit does come with a lifetime warranty

For now, the pre-order price is a deal. Once the pre-order period is up, the kit will be listed at $2,899 without installation or $4,300 with installation. Eikōn also offers similar kits for several other vehicles, such as the Plymouth Prowler or the C6 Corvette.

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