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This memory-foam cushion is the best selling 'automotive' product on Amazon today

It's also on sale for 18% off

Thanks to the crazy times we've been living through lately, many people have been doing a lot more self-reflection than usual. We've been thinking about "the important things" in life. For a lot of us, making personal comfort a priority has become more important. If we're going to be forced to live in a world filled with stress, we might as well stay as comfy as possible through it all. That's why it was no surprise when we discovered that Amazon has a new bestselling automotive product this morning: a memory-foam seat cushion.

This Everlasting Comfort brand cushion can be used in a driver's seat or an office chair. The brand is also marketing it as tailbone pain relief, a coccyx cushion, and a sciatica pillow, so the gist is that if sitting gives you back pain, this might give you some relief. The pillow comes with a removable, machine washable cover. The product page even claims it can improve bad posture and relieve leg pain while sitting for long periods.

The pillow has over 17,000 ratings on Amazon and is currently rated at 4.5 out of 5 stars. Amazon reviewer Mrs. J had this to say in her 5-star review titled, "Buy it. Your rear end will thank you."

"On a long and uncomfortable flight to Hawaii I managed to mess [up] my back and tail bone really bad. I even paid to have a professional massage done because sitting was impossibly painful and I work, either driving around all day or in my home office. Nothing seemed to help. I considered getting one of those doughnut cushions for people with “hemorrhoid problems” but was too embarrassed to go to Walgreens looking for one. That’s how I ended up here, looking for some relief. This stuff is magical, like sitting on the back of a unicorn while coming down a rainbow. I sat down on it and all the pressure points were not giving me any issues, [I] was able to drive out of state the next day NO PROBLEM. Outstanding quality, doesn’t just squish down when you sit on it. The one issue is, you’ll be pretty high up if you plan on using it in the car, but not a deal breaker compared to my coccyx not killing me and having shooting pain up my leg and back. BUY IT! The cover is also removable and washable."

So there you have it. If you too would like to feel like you're sitting on the back of a unicorn coming down a rainbow, you can check out the cushion, available right here for 18% off, bringing the total price down to just $32.95.

Everlasting Comfort Seat Cushion - $32.95 (18% off) on Amazon

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