2020 Toyota Highlander Driveway Test Video | Wider (screen) is better

The new Highlander has Toyota's newest and biggest touchscreen. It's a good one

The 2020 Toyota Highlander is the first vehicle to receive the newest and biggest touchscreen available in the company's expansive lineup. Measuring 12.3 inches diagonally, it is a widescreen unit, which matches the size offered in the Kia Telluride and Hyundai Palisade. It is also the same size as that found in many Lexus vehicles, but that isn't a touchscreen — it's exclusively controlled by the perpetual punching bag that is the Remote Touch touchpad. Advantage Highlander.  

The above video goes into detail about how the extra size is put to good use, and specifically, the widescreen design. 

The screen comes standard on the Platinum trim level and is optional on the Limited. The infotainment features it controls are identical to those that come standard on the Limited, including an 11-speaker JBL audio system and integrated navigation (yes, that can still be handy), plus those features standard on every Highlander: Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, Amazon Alexa connectivity, satellite radio, in-car WiFi and Safety Connect emergency services. There are also five standard USB ports (one media, four charging) and the Driver Easy Speak system that broadcasts the driver's voice through the rear speakers.

Every other 2020 Highlander trim level comes standard with the same 8-inch touchscreen found in the RAV4 and many other recently introduced Toyotas.  

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