Someone just paid $45,000 for this 1978 Ford Country Squire

With only 5k miles, it's a 1970s time warp

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For all the talk in the collector-car market of millennials and their Radwood rides, the oft-overlooked Generation X is still a force to be reckoned with. How else to explain this 1978 Ford Country Squire ringing the bell for $45,000 in its auction on Bring a Trailer.

Granted, we don't know the age of the high bidder, SerigD, but given that these '70s LTD wagons were everywhere during most Gen Xers' formative years, one suspects nostalgia has at least something to do with the price made here.

This example makes for a particularly powerful time machine due to its as-new condition. The wagon has traveled just 5,000 miles, and has been exceedingly well preserved, circumstances that no doubt added fuel to the bidding, which saw the price double in the final hour.

This Squire is resplendent in its '70s livery of Jade Green inside and out, and is fully decked out with period styling elements that include woodgrain siding, hidden headlights with filigreed trim, a stand-up hood ornament, a roof rack, and chrome road wheels with whitewall tires. Key interior features include dual-facing rear seats and an 8-track stereo.

Although the Country Squire isn't likely to be invited onto the lawn at Pebble Beach any time soon, this auction garnered more than 600 comments, which is a damned sight more than the typical BaT Porsche 911 auction. And as one of those commenters pointed out, maybe the price isn't so surprising given that another Country Squire, a '74 with 1,500 miles, sold for nearly $46k at a Gooding & Company auction a year ago.

Leave it to Gen X, the slacker generation so lacking in ambition, to embrace as its collector car a machine so remarkably ordinary.

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