Audi releases a free coloring book to keep you busy in coronavirus quarantine

New Audis and classics abound in this coloring book

Car manufacturer-provided coloring books are quickly becoming a viable alternative to staring at your bedroom walls all day in quarantine. Ian Callum released some sketches the other day of the Vanquish 25, and now Audi is getting in on the fun, too.

Just like Callum’s, Audi’s coloring book is free to download. Here’s the link to download you’re looking for. The book heavily features the R8, but we can’t blame Audi for wanting to feature its supercar. There are other Audis in there too, though. An Audi Quattro rally car can be seen tearing up some dirt with onlookers in the background. There’s an Auto Union race car and even a 1919 Slaby-Beringer electric car. Why the Slaby-Beringer electric car? DKW (one of the companies that formed Auto Union) owned a sizable stake in the Slaby-Beringer company. So, with a fairly large stretch, Audi can go ahead and throw the electric car into its coloring book. We’re happy it’s there, sitting right next to an Audi R8.

Of course, Audi managed to squeeze in a couple pages for the Q7 crossover. It’s not one of the thrilling vehicles to color, but the mountains and moon behind the Q7 look pretty neat. If you don’t have a spare box of crayons or colored pencils lying around, add that to your grocery shopping list for the next time you’re forced to leave your home. The longer this crisis lasts, the more coloring books we’re likely to see from manufacturers.

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