Watch the C8 Corvette's digital redline change after break-in expires

After 500 miles, it's party time

The earliest of adopters of the Chevrolet Corvette C8 have finally taken deliveries of their new mid-engined sports cars. Yet, even once the keys are in their hands, there's still a level of waiting, just of a different sort. The final test of patience is known as the break-in period, for which a car should not be overly taxed until it has some time to warm up and settle into itself. An owner recently posted a video showing a fun trick up the Corvette's sleeve once the initial part of this break-in period is over. 

On the C8, the total break-in period is 1,500 miles, according to the car's owner's manual, and within these 1,500 miles, there are further restrictions. For the first 200 miles, drivers should keep speeds moderate, avoid hard cornering and avoid hard stops to allow break-in for the tires and brake linings.

For the first 500 miles, drivers should avoid all-out pedal-to-the-floor launches, hard stops, driving at one constant speed, using cruise control and aggressive downshifting. Most importantly, the car should not exceed 4,000 rpm during the first 500 miles. To further drive this point home, Chevrolet has integrated a visual aid in the form of a 4,500-rpm redline on the digital tachometer for the first 500 miles. Once it crosses that distance, the tachometer automatically switches, upping the redline to 6,500 rpm as seen in the video above, via Corvette Blogger.

The restrictions aren't done there, either. For the first 1,500 miles, Chevrolet suggests avoiding any track events or driving schools during which the car would be labored or taxed. For further monitoring, the driver should check engine oil after every refuel, because Chevrolet says oil and fuel consumption might be higher than normal until the car gets comfortable.

Look for more Corvette Easter eggs to emerge in the coming months, as more people take possession of their shiny new toys.

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