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2021 Ford Bronco 2- and 4-door clear images leak; reveal may be March 18

This one features a multi-panel removable top, new wheels

Clearer photos of the 2021 Ford Bronco made their way onto social media Tuesday night, giving us our best look yet at what Ford has in store for its revived 4x4. 

Photos of the production-spec off-roader have been slipping out of just about every crack in the internet since Friday, when a handful of obstructed photos of a topless Bronco started making the rounds. Since, we've seen more photos of finalized four-door models and a particularly clear shot of a 2-door styling buck sporting a sleek, body-colored hardtop. These latest shots yet again come courtesy of The Raptor Connection on Instagram.

Speaking of which, perhaps the most significant morsel to come out of these new shots is the existence of what appears to be a multi-part removable hardtop sporting a built-in roof rack on this four-door model. This brings the potential number of available tops for the new 4x4 up to three, as the four-door model revealed Monday appeared to be sporting a cloth lid. 

In addition to being the most detailed shots we've seen so far, these also reveal a couple of other small touches that were obscured in previous leaks, such as the tie-down points on the front fenders (visible next to the leading edges of the four-door's hood) and what appear to be yet another wheel option not yet seen on a production-spec car. 

These trucks appear to have been photographed in the same location as the two-door model that was exposed on Friday; in fact, the two-door may even be the same truck. They look to have been spotted in a facility where they are undergoing quality control inspection. More than one is shown attached to an exhaust collector, indicating that they are in running shape. 

Poster Simmy at the Bronco 6G forum shared what he/she said was a readiness alert to dealership "Bronco Specialists," telling them to brace themselves for the Bronco reveal next Wednesday, March 18. In spite of the steadily improving detail of the leaks, we assume that by then Ford will still have a few surprises for us regarding this highly anticipated vehicle.

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