Maisie Williams invokes 'Frozen' in Audi's Super Bowl spot

What's their solution to pollution-causing gridlock? 'Let it go,' of course

"Game of Thrones" star Maisie Williams joins Audi for its Super Bowl spot this year as the German luxury brand looks to spread a message of sustainability and electrification. Borrowing a line from Disney's hit movie, "Frozen," Williams looks at the mess of urban automotive commuting and asks the world to, you guessed it, "Let it go."

Williams and "Frozen" may seem an odd combination given her character's path in the final season of the HBO series that made her a household name, but there's no denying that Audi has managed to offer a little something for everybody in this spot, including a message about environmental responsibility. 

The spot goes a bit hard on letting go of the past. As Williams drives away from gridlock in her all-electric E-tron and sings, the camera lingers on several roadside landmarks that appear to signify components of the automotive zeitgeist that we are being asked to leave behind.

Even before Williams escapes the tangle of dirty, old vehicles, we catch a glimpse of a muscular gentleman one-handing the wheel in a caged-up muscle car (Dom, is that you?). Later, she passes a gas station with a "Closing Down" sign, and it goes without saying what that particular image is supposed to signify.

But while Audi may seem to be bagging on traditional car culture a bit here, the message isn't all doom and gloom. Along her way, Williams passes onlookers who join in, including a group of enthusiasts with their low-riders. 

"The journey is a metaphor for how the decision to make more sustainable choices takes all of us doing our part," Audi said in the accompanying announcement. Fear not, then, old-school enthusiasts; everything's going to be just fine. 

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