Porsche ends two-decade Super Bowl commercial hiatus with 'The Heist'

This will be Stuttgart's first Super Bowl spot since 1997

Porsche will return to the Super Bowl commercial frenzy after a hiatus lasting more than two decades, the company confirmed Friday. The spot will be called "The Heist," and Porsche teased us earlier Friday with the first 60 seconds of this 2:30 commercial depicting a playful caper being pulled off at the company's museum in Stuttgart. 

As the spot opens, we see what we assume to be a thief attempting to make off with a brand new Taycan Turbo S, prompting a security scramble that sends guards rushing to the various models on the museum floor, including the #21 Porsche 917, a gaggle of high-performance 911s (including a brand-new 992), a 918, and the iconic 218 Standard. No, the guard who draws that straw is not particularly thrilled. 

From there, the chase spills out onto the surrounding streets. Shooting locations for the commercial included Heidelberg and Germany's iconic Black Forest in addition to the Zuffenhausen district of Stuttgart. 

So, why this and why now? Porsche chose to end its 20-plus-year break from Super Bowl advertising because it believes it can reach a new audience with its Taycan EV which, as we noted above, is the star of the show. 

"Porsche wants to introduce the core of the brand to those who may not be familiar with its 70-plus years of sports car DNA," the company said in its announcement. 

“The spotlight and buzz around ads at this event make it a perfect venue for reaching new fans — in a fun way that connects with the game’s themes of performance and competition,” said Klaus Zellmer, President and CEO of Porsche Cars North America. “A Porsche is always a driver’s car, and the playful chase in ‘The Heist’ draws a clear line through decades of models to the Taycan. They all share the same soul.”

Porsche will join a gaggle of other automakers who are advertising during the big game this year. Stay tuned for more teasers and commentary as they make their way through the pipeline.

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