Will Smith takes unexpecting Lyfters for a spin in a Porsche Taycan

'Bad Boys for Life' is out now

As part of his promotional tour for his new movie, the third installment of the "Bad Boys" franchise, Will Smith teamed up with Lyft for a fun video called "Bad Boys for Lyft." Will acts as a Lyft driver and picks up "random" customers in a new Porsche Taycan. Maybe expectedly, the car played second fiddle to the global superstar. 

"Bad Boys for Life" opened this month, roughly 17 years since "Bad Boys II" debuted in 2003 and 25 (!) years after the original "Bad Boys" debuted in 1995. Much time has passed, but Will Smith still seems to be the same fun-loving, welcoming, energetic role model he's always been. In this short clip, four people get to experience his vibe firsthand.

Once Mateo, Zakiyya, Mira, and Alex get in, Will has them go through a few fake police procedures while seemingly going in a short loop around Miami. Most of them are too occupied with the movie star in the front seat to even notice they're sitting in a history-making electric vehicle.

Check out the full video above. And Lyft has been party to this sort of thing a few times before, as you can see in the videos below. 

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