1997 Honda Civic Type R EK9 goes cyberpunk for Tokyo Auto Salon

The past by way of the present

Honda Civic Cyber Night Japan Cruiser 2020
Honda Civic Cyber Night Japan Cruiser 2020 / Image Credit: Honda
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For this year's Tokyo Auto Salon, Honda didn't just bring upgraded versions of its latest models, but also some examples of its past creations, too. One of the headlining vehicles was a classy white-over-red S2000. But a much more extreme model was the 1997 Honda Civic Type R EK9 on display.

It's official name is the Honda Civic Cyber Night Japan Cruiser 2020. Basically, it's what Honda imagines the old hatchback would look like if it had been designed in a cyberpunk universe. The basic shape has been given some updating with more creased and angular grille openings and side mirrors. They're contrasted by the circular holes in the grille mesh. The front splitter and side skirts give it a more aggressive stance. But the most striking changes are the lights. Most of the headlight and taillight area is blocked off in the same color as the body, leaving a thin, LED-lit line. It's a modern look that still evokes the shape of the original car. At the back, the lights are augmented by a wide black bar that spans the hatch. In the middle is an illuminated 1997 Civic logo.

Honda makes no mention of mechanical changes. The original Type R had a fairly stout powertrain to begin with, making 182 horsepower and with a redline of 8,400 rpm. It also picked up larger brakes, stiffer suspension, limited-slip differential, stickier tires and lost weight to make it faster.

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