Corvette buyers can document their history-making C8s with a build book

Your car immortalized in a book for $700

Each person who buys a 2020 Chevrolet Corvette will be taking ownership of a piece of company history. As most well know, this is the first Corvette with a mid-engined layout, and it shifts the way the brand is thinking about performance. It's a landmark vehicle, and future auctions will reflect that. Aiming to make the experience of buying a new Corvette even more special, the National Corvette Museum offers several delivery packages, including a photo album that documents the car's build journey in the factory. 

After delays from strikes bumped the start time back, C8 production is expected to begin in February, 2020, with deliveries beginning soon after that. That gives prospective buyers plenty of time to prepare for extreme Corvette fandom, which is required of all owners. For the fully immersive route, buyers can opt for the $995 R8C Museum Delivery, which includes welcome signs, a guided VIP tour of the museum, and an orientation and presentation of the vehicle. For those who care more about preserving the memory, they'll want to consider the New Corvette Owner's Photos Album, which was noticed by CarBuzz

The leather-bound photo album is 15 by 12 inches in size, 20 pages long, and has a stitched, padded cover. Each page displays a stage in the build process of the car's assembly at the Bowling Green plant. Some spreads feature a multitude of photos, while others show just one, and each has a caption explaining what is going on. The book also includes a letter of authenticity, a letter from the GM Bowling Green Assembly Plant Manager and National Corvette Museum's Executive Director, and a back page for signatures and autographs.

The book is priced at $700, which is steep but might be worth it to see your actual car in its infancy. The image above shows an example of how the book was used for a C7 build. For more delivery program information visit the National Corvette Museum.

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