Check out all the interior storage compartments and cubbies in the 2020 Toyota Sequoia TRD Pro.


MAN: Let's go on a little tour of the interior for the 2020 Toyota Sequoia TRD Pro, and check out all the storage cubbies. So to kick things off, three cup holders, right here in the center-- two large, one small. Then you've got this little storage cubby, here. You can fit a phone in there, standing up. And then you got a little, maybe a coin slot, right in there. It could fit something.

But there is more here. And you can see, this guy right here lifts right out. Chuck it over there. And then you have this very deep, vertical storage spot. You can throw a phone in there pretty easily. And on top of that, this entire cup holder mechanism lifts out, and you're left with a big, square storage space.

Moving on from there, we have the pretty typical glove box, but this has a top and bottom that you can store stuff in. Up here, in the front, we have the massive center console. Open that up, and you find a cavernous space, which is centered by this little hanging organizer. So you can move that about as you please. But you can also take the whole thing out, and boom, you have a little file holder.

So if you're somebody that runs around with manila envelopes all the time, there you go. They hang right there easily. You can chuck it back in. And look at how deep it is. See, almost my entire arm goes in there. It's huge. Close that back up. It also slides forward and aft, like that.

Let's open the door here on the other side and step out. You have another similar on the other side of the steering wheel. And then boom, right here, in the door itself, you can pop that out-- have some storage. And then two more cup holders down there, more space, more space.

OK, how about we jump to the rear seats now? All right, welcome to the back seats of the 2020 Toyota Sequoia TRD Pro. Now initially, the door, just like the front, you have a couple cup holders, some further storage. Notice, these are not as large as the ones in front, though. And as you hop in, [DOOR SHUTS] nothing really jumps out.

But we do have this little pull tab, and boom, you have some cup holders. So I have two more, right there. You have your pretty typical seat storage pockets. However, these doors don't have the handy little pull-out mechanisms as you do in the front. Now, let's jump to the third row.

So the third row-- not completely devoid of storage. As we jump back in here, you can see a couple cup holders right here. And then as you look down here, you got a little spot to set something. It's not the greatest right there. But the other side, as we swing around here, also has a couple cup holders.

And this-- this is actually deep. You can see that I can actually put my hand in there, and you can put stuff. And then another spot, boom, right there. And it is also on the other side. You have the same exact thing. Pop that open, and there you go-- some more storage. So a whole lot in this gigantic, three-row SUV.