Artistic Rolls-Royce Phantom challenges the Cybertruck for 2019's most polarizing ride

Done by Bradley Theodore

Rolls-Royce has been getting in touch with its artistic side all throughout 2019. With a variety of custom features, bespoke options, and exclusive partnerships, Rolls-Royce has shown a Phantom with a rose garden interior, a basket of pastel-colored rides for Pebble Beach, and a red Phantom that supports AIDS research, among others. Each model stands out for its own reasons, but none are remotely as visually eye-popping as the newest project, a Phantom by U.S. artist Bradley Theodore. 

Although no official announcement was made, Rolls-Royce of Abu Dhabi posted the polarizing work across its social pages. The batch of photos might immediately look a bit, umm, messy, but the style perfectly aligns with his usual themes.

Theodore, who is from Turks and Caicos and was raised in New York City and Miami, is known for his bold use of color. He and Rolls-Royce have partnered up in the past, and he previously painted a Wraith. He's also created unique interpretive paintings of other Rolls-Royce cars, the Spirit of Ecstasy, and the R-R badge. Those pieces can be seen on his website.

This Phantom's new skin combines shades of blue, purple, red, yellow, and white over a dark paint job. Some lines follow the Phantom's curves and edges, while others create new shapes. Inside, there's two-toned dark blue and cream leather,  blue contrast stitching and glossy wood accents. A starlight headliner adds some sparkle to the package. Explore the full work of art in the gallery below.


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