Black Friday is here once again and it seems like the sheer number of deals only gets greater every year. Here at Autoblog, we love saving money (who doesn't?), so we've put together a handful of posts featuring some of our favorite Black Friday deals, all organized by category.

Tech Deals

From iPhones to Instant Pots, there are tech deals galore out in the wild today. This list compiles some of our favorites. One deal is even over $600 in savings.

Blipshift Deals

Our friends at Blipshift are spreading the holiday cheer with their Black Flag Friday sale, featuring automotive-themed socks, wall clocks, phone cases, wall banners, and of course their incredible graphic tees.

Amazon Deals

When it comes to big sales, Amazon doesn't mess around. They've discounted nearly all of their devices so we've sorted through and curated some of our favorite deals in the above post.

Car Care Deals

Always worried about keeping your car clean, but never want to spend full price on cleaning materials? Well this post is right up your alley. We've found some solid car care deals featuring everything thing from a car vacuum to microfiber towels.

Gaming Deals

If you're a regular reader of Autoblog, you've likely picked up on the fact that most of us here are pretty huge gamers. We stream racing and driving games twice a week on Twitch, and play a lot of games in our free time. Black Friday is always a great time to pick up a new console if you're looking for one, so we found a Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One deal and dropped them all right in the above post for your convenience.

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