The $100,000 Winnebago Solis is a Ram ProMaster camper with a pop-top

Comfortably sleep up to four people

Think of it as bunk beds for the outdoors. Maximum personal space, and the campsite has plenty of room for activities. It's an overall win-win. Camper vans with pop-tops are some of the most useful and versatile adventuremobiles out there, and now Winnebago has created its first entry into the growing market.

For the first time, Winnebago is entering the Class B pop-top camper van business with the new Solis. Based on a Ram ProMaster chassis, the Solis' exterior is 19-feet-6-inches long, 8-feet-11-inches tall, and 6-feet-8-inches wide. Inside, the ceiling is 6-foot-2-inches high, and campers have access to 21 gallons of stored water. Power comes from a 280-horsepower 3.6-liter V6 and a 220-volt solar panel is integrated into the roof.

In the video below, Winnebago Product Manager Russ Garfin says the goal with the Solis was to maintain durability while keeping things as simple as possible to get the job done. With the front captain's chairs swiveled around to face inward, they look at a cabin that is basic but comfortable. The driver's seat pairs with a removable swiveling plywood table with two more seats on the other side.

Behind the rear passenger seats, there is a tri-purpose heated bathroom. The toilet is technically in the shower, and the space can also be used as a drying room for wet gear or laundry. The cassette toilet holds five gallons, and the shower has hot or cold water. The gray tank holds 20 gallons.

Opposite the bathroom, the kitchenette is on the passenger-side wall. On the end near the door is a 12-volt compressor-driven fridge and freezer. The cooking unit also includes a countertop extension, built-in storage, a two-burner stovetop with backsplash, and a full faucet and sink. All of the insulation and plumbing on the Solis is four-season ready, as well, so adventuring can be done anywhere at any time.

In the rear, the Solis has a murphy bed that flips up and out of the way. It sleeps two adults and stores a new "movable table" underneath. When the bed is up, that table can be put down to make a working space or for hanging out at the rear of the vehicle. There is also more storage under the rear floor space.

Doubling the sleeping space is the fiberglass pop-top. The roomy space sleeps two more adults and is easily accessible thanks to a folding ladder that can be stored above the driving cabin.

The Solis simplifies the camping experience by packaging full amenities and lots of sleeping space within a small van. It starts at $100,667 before taxes and fees and will be available in 2020.

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