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There is just so much awesome to unpack here, I'm honestly not sure where to begin. But hey, let's give it a whirl. Meet the 1993 Toyota Land Cruiser VX Limited Active Vacation currently for auction on Bring a Trailer.

To begin with, it's a Land Cruiser, which is almost always awesome.

Second, it's from the 1990s, a terrific decade.

Third, it's brown, and you know how we car types loves us some brown (admittedly better when paired with a diesel manual wagon).

Fourth, it's a diesel (see above), specifically a 4.2-liter inline-six paired with a four-speed automatic transmission. Naturally, it has a two-speed transfer case; front, center and rear locking differentials; and lots of Land Cruiser off-roading goodness. 

Fourth, it was imported from Japan, so you get to drive on the wrong side of the car. Wacky!

Fifth, as it's from Japan, it has a bonkers name that I'm pretty sure I saw written on a T-shirt in Harajuku: the Limited Active Vacation! And, of course, two random-ass letters, VX, pretty much just because (see Subaru XV Crosstrek). 

Sixth, the entire Toyota dealer accessories catalog seems to have barfed upon it. The super '90s brush guard, the safari lighting, the side window rain guards, the sunroof wind deflector and the hood wind deflector (possibly there to direct air over the bed frame bolted to the roof). There's even bonus "wood" trim inside, cause you just had to have that.

Seventh, this Land Cruiser is also a camper (#vanlife) designed to have an active vacation with, albeit a limited one. The Active Vacation package includes curtains for the windows, a sleeping platform created when the second row of seating is folded flat, wood storage bins, and a sink and stove that seem to slide out from underneath the raised sleeping platform. The exterior doo-dads were not part of the package, including the ladder and roof rack/bed frame. (The FJ Cruiser tire cover definitely was not.)

And eighth, the VX Limited Active Vacation was literally a package from the factory. It wasn't just some outfitter in Sapporo who went nuts. The BaT listing even notes that it comes with "a Japanese-language instruction manual for the Active Vacation package."

So there, that should do it for this brown barrel of awesome that doesn't even have a reserve on its auction. Oh wait, one more.

Ninth: Hey Toyota, how about a 2020 Land Cruiser VX Active Vacation? Or 4Runner? Hell, VX Active Vacation everything. 

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