M could help BMW Motorrad make a two-wheeled M3

BMW Motorrad would upend its naming system

BMW's M division confirmed it won't make another souped-up station wagon, but it's open to the idea of expanding its range in other directions. Trademark filings suggest it's in the process of applying its magic to the company's range of motorcycles.

We've been here before. The S 1000 RR announced in 2018 was the first BMW two-wheeler available with an M package, and M-developed optional equipment. Enthusiasts gave it a positive reception, so the German company allegedly wants to keep the momentum going by releasing M-tuned variants of other models. Trademark filings uncovered by Visor Down point to an M version of the S 1000 XR and the R 1250 GS (pictured) to kick off the model offensive.

The publication adds it's too early to tell how the bikes will look, sound, accelerate and handle after they take a trip through M's workshop. The S 1000 RR gained a specific paint job, carbon fiber wheels, a lighter battery, a sport seat, and a chassis kit that made the rear ride height adjustable. We could see similar modifications on the S 1000 XR and the R 1250 GS.

BMW Motorrad would follow the path blazed by its car-building siblings and use the letter M to denote the models. The S 1000 XR would become the M 1000 XR, the R 1250 GS would be rechristened M 1250 GS, and so on. Currently, the first letter of each bike's name corresponds to the type of engine it's powered by (R denotes a flat-twin, for example).

BMW hasn't commented on the trademark filings, and it hasn't announced plans to M-ify more bikes. We expect at least one of the two-wheelers will break cover in the coming months if there's more than intellectual property behind the trademark filings.

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