Luxurious Silent Yachts 55 claims pure solar power and zero NVH

And unlimited range

Whether it's hotels, restaurants, cars, trains, planes or yachts, a quiet and private place to spend time has always been classified as a luxury. With the boom in electric-powered transportation, that lifestyle commodity has turned into a selling point for some green companies, and the Silent Yachts 55, profiled in a Robb Report piece is a perfect example. The 54.8-foot catamaran claims 100 percent solar power, and one of its most unique features, compared to traditional yachts, is the absence of a loud and smelly gas-powered motor.

There are five different versions of the 55: Cruiser, E-Power, Hybrid Power, Kite, and Sailor. The Cruiser, which has solar panels capable of 10 kWp covering the top of the yacht, has a battery capacity of 120 kWh. It has a 22-kW generator and two 30-kW electric motors. It has a cruising speed of 6-8 knots and a top speed of approximately 12 knots. 

Silent 55
Silent 55
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In addition to the advantage of a silent riding experience, the boat runs emissions-free, has no heat build-up, has no marine fumes, and has significantly less maintenance than a traditional gas yacht. The solar panels come with a 25-year warranty, and the batteries come with an eight-year warranty. 

Even without discussing the propulsion systems, the Silent 55 oozes luxury. It has all the typical yacht amenities one would be shopping for, including a full-size kitchen, full-size bathrooms, big-screen TVs, a master bedroom, digital dashboards inside and out with high-tech navigation, and plenty of spaces to lounge, eat, drink, or all three. 

The Silent Yachts 55 is reported to cost approximately $1.5 million. The newest version will debut at the 2019 Cannes Yachting Festival.

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