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McLaren will sell you a $15,400 bespoke luggage set designed for the GT

The practical McLaren gets some practicality-oriented accessories

McLaren GT luggage
McLaren GT luggage / Image Credit: McLaren
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McLaren released the GT a few months ago as its most practical vehicle to date. Then Chevy showed us the mid-engine Corvette, and that mid-engine sports car looks even more practical than the McLaren. Tough luck. However, all is not lost. McLaren has the ultimate accessory package for your practical supercar: the first MSO luggage collection. It’s designed specifically for the GT, and costs $15,400 to snag one of everything.

Folks at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance saw it first. There are four pieces in the luggage set including a garment case ($2,300), weekend bag ($2,500), cabin bag ($3,800) and full-size golf bag ($6,800). Yes, McLaren will sell you a golf bag for $6,800. But hey, that’s the price you pay for wanting to take your McLaren to the golf course. Isn’t that pocket change worth not having to drive your Range Rover to the links? Depends how deep those pockets are.

You may ask why these seemingly small bags are so expensive. Here’s your answer: All the bags are made using the same leather and stitching you’ll find in the interior of a McLaren GT. There are three color options available to best match your interior color, including Pioneer Black, Luxe Black and Luxe Porcelain. Interestingly, the bags themselves are made in Italy, not England. All of them are designed to fit into specific areas in the car, making sure not to intrude on passenger space or outward visibility.

Paying $15,400 for luggage is mighty ridiculous, but when the car starts at $210,000, it’s more of a very expensive option than anything else. If you’re one of the lucky folks to pick up a McLaren GT, the folks in Woking say you’ll be able to order the matching luggage set at McLaren retailers beginning in September.

McLaren GT by MSO
McLaren GT by MSO
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