This dusty Texas muscle car collection is the stuff dreams are made of

Pontiac GTO Judge is on the menu

Last year, Hagerty's "Barn Find Hunter" visited a giant field of classic cars in Midland, Texas. In an unusual turn of events for the series' show-and-tell format, host Tom Cotter decided to pluck a dusty '60s Ford wagon from the bunch and resuscitate it back to functional condition. A year and 27 episodes later, Hagerty is back at the same Midland field to pick the car up and take it on a road trip. It is along this roughly 600-mile adventure that Cotter finds yet another field of treasures, namely of the muscle variety.

In his red early '60s fifth-generation Ford Country Squire, Cotter stumbles upon a massive collection/dump of classic muscle cars in Lubbock, Texas. Owned by a man named Rick who only allows access to people who do not want to buy the cars, the lot immediately gets interesting with a Pontiac Trans Am and a Chevrolet Chevelle.

After some more digging, Cotter sees a car he can't believe is before his eyes: a Pontiac GTO Judge. The car is original Carousel Red over a white interior, it's a four-speed, and it's the first Judge the show has come across. Whether it's true or not is up for debate, but the odometer reads 00002.4. Unfortunately, the hood is stuck, so the engine is not shown, but the owner says it runs well. Hagerty appraises it to be valued at $56,000 if it were restored to good condition. Not that Rick would sell it anyway. 

He also has a 1970 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 and many other gems spread throughout the property. Check out the full episode above and enjoy the fruits of a bygone era. 

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