Video shows cars engulfed in massive explosion after power lines fall

Heavy storms caused this explosion in Ann Arbor, MI

Cars don’t often explode, but when they do, it’s quite the sight. That very thing happened in downtown Ann Arbor, Mich., last Friday, and a bystander caught the fireworks on video. The news was originally reported by local news outlet MLive, and the video is posted to their YouTube channel.

Heavy storms affected the Ann Arbor area all weekend long, and the report says the high winds brought down power lines that landed on the cars in question. We think one car is a Volvo S60, and the other could be an XC60, but we can’t be sure. Photos show that they were properly incinerated by the flames. Go to the MLive link to see their original photography.

It’s always tough to pinpoint an exact cause of an explosion without an investigation, but the video shows a rather violent explosion upwards. The flames were already towering and terrifying, but the explosion pushed them as high as the multi-story building next to the cars. Scary stuff. Thankfully, it’s been reported that nobody got hurt from the explosion itself.

What made matters worse was that this explosion happened just blocks from the Ann Arbor Art Fair, a massive annual event that attracts thousands downtown. There’s no official autopsy of the event quite yet, but mixing fire, electricity, rain, wind and gasoline never ends successfully. 

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