Behold: The C8 steering wheel!

Next up: The C8 seat belt buckle

Hold onto your butts, GM just posted this semi-blurry image of the C8 Corvette’s steering wheel to its media site, inviting all to feast their eyes on the first official shot of the mid-engine Corvette’s steering device. This is truly a day to remember.

Sarcasm aside, we’ve seen the steering wheel and other bits of the interior in spy shots before, but this photo is our first uninhibited view from Chevrolet. There are probably a couple camps when it comes to this design. It’s clearly a fairly obvious and involved evolution of the C7’s wheel, except this one has more flatness to it. A flat bottom and flat top make it decidedly un-wheel-like, and then the two spokes have some explaining to do. We’re all used to the spokes of a sports car steering wheel being at 9 and 3 o’clock, but these appear to droop on down to 8 and 4. You’ll likely find the natural resting place to be slightly above the spokes. Those who dig it will likely find it to be a fresh and exciting take on the modern steering wheel that's backed up by history. After all, Chevrolet has done weird stuff with steering wheel spokes on previous Corvettes, so there is some precedence for it. The C7's spoke placement was pretty similar, as was the C5's and original C4's. Still, other classic Corvettes did it the regular way, including the C6 (of course, that car's wheel was shared with a Malibu and half of GM's car fleet).

We’re not prepared to say the C8 Corvette has reached Supra levels of bad in the teasers and weird reveals department, but this certainly contributes to its score. What’s next? The seat belt buckle? A volume knob? We’re sure the truly hardcore enthusiasts want to see it. Or maybe we get to see an LED DRL signature? Enthralling stuff, we know. Just wait until next Thursday, and all will be right with the world. At that point, the circus will be over, and you can get to deciding if you like the end result.

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