'Forza Horizon 4' adds 'Top Gear' cars and events

It includes the Track-tor

We should have seen this coming. The Forza Horizon 4 racing game is set in the U.K., and there's no automotive TV show more synonymous with the country than Top Gear. So it's only fitting that the game finally gets some downloadable content based on the program.

The Top Gear pack is significantly less extensive than the Lego Speed Champions expansion, but what's included looks very fun. The headliner is the Track-tor, a custom V8-powered tractor that Top Gear used to set a (since exceeded) Guiness World Record for the fastest tractor in the world. Then there is a pair of Mercedes-Benzes including a mildly modified E-Class All Terrain and the famous (infamous?) AMG G-Class 6x6 pickup truck.

In addition to the trio of vehicles, the downloadable content adds a new series of events themed around Top Gear. And to add to the authenticity, host Chris Harris narrates the events. You can also unlock an in-game T-shirt that says "I am the Stig." The additions are available now, so boot up your Xbox and get to it.

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