[UPDATE: Video] Volkswagen ID.R sets new electric Nurburgring lap record

The car now holds records there and at Pikes Peak

UPDATE: Full video of the record lap has been added.

Following up on its EV record at Pikes Peak, the Volkswagen ID.R has set another electric car record time. This record is a lap of the Nurburgring Nordschleife with a 6:05.336 time. The car was driven by Romain Dumas, who also set the Pikes Peak record. Volkswagen also noted that Dumas and the ID.R had an average speed of a little over 128 mph.

The ID.R's time thoroughly smashes the time of the previous fastest EV at the circuit, the Nio EP9. The electric supercar was about 40 seconds slower than the Volkswagen. Of course, the comparison isn't completely fair, since the Nio EP9 is a road car, and the ID.R is a pure race car.

Perhaps more impressive than even the EV record is that the ID.R now has the second fastest lap of the 'Ring, period. It edged out the 1983 time of 6:11.13 set in a Porsche 956 C race car. Only the Porsche 919 Hybrid Evo LMP1 race car is faster, with its shocking 5:19.55 lap set by Timo Bernhard.

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