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The Hexa aircraft may be the future of personal flight

The idea is to eliminate the need for a pilot's license

Transcript: Hexa may be the future of personal flight. This unique looking electric aircraft might be coming to a city near you. Hexa by Lift Aircraft is a personal aircraft designed to decongest traffic. The goal is for people to commute to work without the need for a pilot's license. Hexa weighs 432 lbs and uses 18 independent electric motors and propellers. The aircraft includes an amphibious underbody for water landings. Flights are autonomous with semi-autonomous flight control via a 3-axis joystick. Hexa is equipped with collision avoidance sensors. It also has an onboard ballistic parachute that can be deployed in an emergency. Lift aircraft aims to offer 15-minute flights at some point during 2019.

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