Rimac behind-the-scenes video sheds light on the electric hypercar company

Take a tour with Rimac's CEO

Rimac has made quite a name for itself in the electric car world, and today it's offering a peek behind the curtain. CEO Mate Rimac is the host of this behind-the-scenes video, and he guides us around the company's facilities.

You'll learn quickly that the company is small, but they have a bunch of big-time partners now. That's what is forcing the Croation car company to expand and change its production techniques, as Rimac explains in the video. Some of those partners are companies like Koenigsegg, Automobili Pininfarina, Porsche, Aston Martin and Hyundai. Many are in it for Rimac's electric car technology, like the battery pack used to supply power to the potent Concept_One and C_Two.

Many of the parts that make up the company's cars are showcased in the video, and they even show us how they machine them. One of the more intriguing portions of the tour is a look at the frame production. The entire chassis for the Concept_One is made of steel and welded together by people, not robots. It takes months to weld the thing into a final structure. Rimac changed tack with the Concept_Two, with that chassis being a carbon fiber monocoque. All the welders will be moved to produce different parts of the car now that the chassis isn't made of steel anymore.

Give the video above a watch. New companies aren't always the most open with their operations, but this one is the first of a series of four that'll hopefully give us a deeper knowledge concerning the electric hypercar company.

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