Lamborghini museum relaunches as MUDETEC, the Museum of Technology

It opens with the 'Future Shapers since 1963' exhibition

Lamborghini MUDETEC
  • Lamborghini MUDETEC
  • Lamborghini has relaunched its museum with a focus on technology.
  • Image Credit: Lamborghini
  • Lamborghini MUDETEC
  • Lamborghini MUDETEC
  • Lamborghini MUDETEC
  • Lamborghini MUDETEC
  • Lamborghini MUDETEC
Lamborghini has relaunched and rebranded its museum in Sant'Agata Bolognese, Italy. From hence forth, it will be known as the MUDETEC, aka the Museo Delle Technologie, aka the Museum of Technology.

The new museum will blend the old with the new using interactive displays to both remember the breakthroughs of the past while exploring current and future directions. Lamborghini says it focuses on "safeguarding and conveying the values, driving passion, and future-focus that are the mark of Lamborghini."

At opening, the museum will display the "Future Shapers since 1963" exhibition. It features a "virtual journey" through time with a different car representing each decade. For the '60s, Lamborghini chose to highlight the 350 GT, what the company calls its first sports car, the Miura, and the Espada. The Countach is the mark of the '70s, the LM002 represents the '80s, and the Diablo GT is featured for the '90s. For 2000 on, Lamborghini chose the Sesto Elemento. The Asterion, the Huracán Performante, the Aventador SVJ, the Huracán EVO, and the Urus help round out the exhibit with some of the company's newest innovations.

In addition to serving as a walkable recording of the company, the new museum will host two student workshops. One, named "Vehicle Set-up and Ergonomics," will teach dynamics, aerodynamics, and structural vehicle development. The other, named "Carbon Fiber and Its Technology," will teach performance through the art of weight reduction, with a focus on Advanced Composite Lightweight Structures Development.

Extra activities include a virtual driving simulator, a 360-degree immersive "brain room," and an Ad Personam area, where people can configure and customize cars they likely cannot buy.

The exhibit is already open and will run until October 2019.

Lamborghini Urus Information

Lamborghini Urus

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