Innovative Porsche fanatic drives his 911 with hand levers

He built the Porsche 911 Huber Spec

Like many others before him, Manfred Huber fell in love with a sound. He was about 12 years old when he first heard it, the "chainsaw-like screeching," as he describes it, of a Porsche, and it hooked him for life. As an adult, he realized his dream of owning one, but there was a barrier. Huber was in a wheelchair because he did not have legs.

Rather than let the minor issue defeat him, Huber set out to solve the problem and achieve his vision. Huber had previously quit his stable job on a quest to own his own garage and become a mechanic. He started in an old cowshed with no heat and an outhouse, and there he learned the trade for the next eight years.

Using his experience working on cars, he built the Porsche 911 Huber Spec, which included a creative lever system that eliminated the use of pedals. He can control the gas, brake, and hand brake all with a handle for his right hand. This allows him to drive and experience the special feel of the 911 just like anybody else.

The car featured in the video has a yellow-green paint job and orange wheels. Unique, just like Huber. The inside is fairly simple, as he removed the glove compartment, the radio, and the heat in order to keep the car light and sprightly. He does, however, have two really cool vintage Porsche-branded Heuer timing watches on the dashboard.

Watch your daily dose of inspiration above.

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