Fan builds Ken Block's Ford Mustang Hoonicorn out of Legos

The instructions are posted online, so build one yourself

Ken Block builds some pretty wild stuff. When he filmed his first Gymkhana video a few years back, he was in some souped-up Subaru WRX STIs. In the years since, he's built a strong relationship with Ford, building and racing a number of new and classic vehicles from the automaker, the latest of which is a 1977 F-150 with the twin-turbo V6 from a Ford GT race car. He's inspired a legion of fans who follow his videos and career. One fan, Lachlan Cameron, re-created Block's Hoonicorn — an all-wheel-drive 1965 Mustang with a twin-turbo V8 making roughly 1,400 horsepower — into a small-scale Lego model.

As you can see in the video, this isn't one of the 1:1 Lego re-creations we've seen of late. It appears to be roughly the size of the Lego Porsche 911 GT3 RS or Bugatti Chiron. That said, it actually packs in more features than those larger models. This Hoonicorn is powered by electric motors both front and rear and appears to have remote-control steering. The shifter and handbrake both move, though we doubt they actually function beyond that. There are LED lights both front and rear.

Cameron's YouTube channel features a number of custom builds, so check it out. The Hoonicorn uses off-the-shelf Lego pieces, so you can even build the car yourself using the instructions on Brickable.

For those who want something a little faster and less fragile than a Lego model, check out Block's new Ford Fiesta RC car. Watch Block drive the car in his Utah garage right here.

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