What do you think of Jeep's body color bedliner concept?

A bright blue bedliner divides opinions

The body-color bedliner of the Jeep J6 concept pickup caught our attention here at Autoblog, and there's some definite dissension in the office as to whether it's a good or bad idea. Some of us (bah humbug!) think that a bedliner should be a traditional shade of black as it always has been. Others on the team warmly welcome the splash of color in an otherwise boring area.

Jeep wouldn't say if this body-color bedliner would ever actually be used in production (you can find this treatment aftermarket already). But they did want to gauge the public's reaction to the concept by showing it off in this Easter Safari build. A bedliner is meant to protect your truck bed from all the wild things you might dump back there. It's always been about function over form, and we had a quick chat with Jeep to make sure this bright blue liner doesn't lose out on any of that functionality.

Jeep J6 bed

The big question for this bright color is its ability to retain that appearance over time. All bedliners will deteriorate over time and through heavy use, but the worry for a color like this one is the rate at which it wears.

We were assured that the bright blue color will stick around just as long as a traditional black bedliner because it uses the same materials as a normal bedliner. This time, it's just blue. Real-world testing is probably needed to get a definitive answer to the durability question, but we'd love to know your thoughts on the idea of a body-color bedliner for a truck like the Gladiator. There's a yes/no poll below, but feel free to light up the comments section with your thoughts, too.

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