Mercedes GLB interior teased before concept debuts at Shanghai show

Boxy, entry-level SUV gets an upscale cockpit

Mercedes will introduce a new SUV called the GLB to the fray, through a concept design at the Shanghai Motor Show. We've seen the production car in spy photos on multiple occasions, and today Mercedes is giving us a sneak peek at the interior design prior to the show.

The "photo" is clearly a rendering/drawing of what the interior will look like on the concept. We're digging the long, horizontal screen acting as the instrument cluster and infotainment all-in-one. It's a bit of an evolution of Mercedes' double screen design it uses now, which separates the screens by a thick black bar. Prominent. round air vents sit below the screen, but we imagine those are exaggerated for the sake of the concept. The climate controls themselves look like normal Mercedes fare. Woodgrain trim is used freely, appearing on the dash, door and center console covering. We can see the same touch controls on the steering wheel as on other Mercedes equipped with the new MBUX infotainment.

This crossover is meant to slot into the lineup between the small GLA and slightly larger GLC. Spy photos reveal its boxy, rugged shape as it takes a page out of the G-Wagen's book. Whether this means it'll have more offroad capability than the GLA and GLC is yet to be seen, but at least you'll be able to look tough. An AMG version of this 'ute has already been seen testing, so expect a GLB AMG 35 to be arriving some time after this one makes its debut. Judging from how realistic this concept is looking from the inside, we imagine the production car isn't far away.

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