Tesla has already raised Model Y prices

All other models in inventory also see a 3 percent increase

The Model Y didn't even make it out of its debut month before Tesla decided to adjust the pricing, and the new numbers don't make the electric vehicles any more attractive. All levels of Model Y available on the online configurator received $1,000 price bumps that were implemented without any sort of announcement. Elon Musk also announced on Twitter a 3 percent price hike to all inventory vehicles.

Without considering the misleading "gas savings" that are automatically included in Tesla's configurators, the rear-drive long-range Model Y initially was announced to start at $47,000. The all-wheel-drive dual-motor long-range model was $51,000, and the all-wheel-drive dual-motor performance model was $60,000. All of these prices come before any taxes and fees.

After the price increases, the Model Y will start at $48,000, $52,000, and $61,000, respectively. Although the base standard-range Model Y is not in the configurator yet, it was initially announced to start at $39,000. Don't be surprised if this follows suit and goes up to a flat $40,000. For all models, the initial deposit remains $2,500, and production is still scheduled to begin in late 2020.

In a completely separate piece of news, Musk took to Twitter to declare prices on all Tesla inventory vehicles would see a price hike of about 3 percent. The change will start on April 2 and was made in order to align inventory prices with those seen on the current Tesla website.

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