Volkswagen New Beetle pickup truck conversion is certainly unique

It comes from truck conversion specialist Smyth Performance

UPDATE: Smyth Performance has finished its first conversion to show what the final New Beetle truck conversion looks like. A few extra details about the product have been added to the text below, along with photos of the final vehicle.

Have you ever looked at a first-generation Volkswagen New Beetle and thought, "Man that's cool, but I really need it to have a truck bed?" No, we haven't either, but some people have, including truck conversion specialist Smyth Performance, and the company finished developing a conversion for just that car.

When we first learned about the Smyth's conversion, it was still a work in progress with unpainted fiberglass, and we weren't entirely sure if the stepside design worked with the full, round body of the New Beetle. But it's more convincing with a full paint job. We also can now see that the taillights are very small round units placed at the tips of the rear fenders.

Smyth Performance VW New Beetle truck conversion

The truck bed seems reasonably usable, too. The entire bed and supporting structure is made from 1/8-inch aluminum, as is the inner part of the tailgate. The bedsides and outside of the tailgate are fiberglass. And the tailgate is fully functional.

If you like what you see, Smyth Performance is taking refundable $500 deposits for the first 100 kits, which can be used on any New Beetle from 1998 to 2010. Putting down a deposit will lock in a discounted price for the kit of $2,990 as opposed to the regular price of $3,490. If you're not into the Bug, but you like the idea of a car-based pickup truck, Smyth Performance also sells kits for the Volkswagen Jetta and Golf, Audi A4, Subaru Impreza and Dodge Charger.

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Volkswagen New Beetle

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