Porsche 911 GT2 RS is going back into production after ship sinks with cars aboard

Over 2,000 cars, among them four 911 GT2 RS models, were lost

An Italian container ship named "Grande America" caught fire and sank last week off the French Atlantic coast. Thankfully, all the crew were able to safely evacuate, but more than 2,000 cars went down with the ship. Most of these were various Audis (A3, A4, A5, RS4, RS5, Q7), but there were 37 Porsches on the boat, too. The most precious cargo happened to be four 911 GT2 RS models, destined for a life in Brazil. Porsche confirmed the shipwreck and another even more interesting tidbit to us: The 911 GT2 RS will be going back into production to fulfill these lost orders.

Porsche ended production on the stupid-fast 911 designed for the racetrack in February this year, so it hasn't been that long since the car was made. Still, putting the fastest 911 ever back into production over a shipwreck is eye-catching news. Here's Porsche's statement on the situation via Porsche Brasil:

"Porsche Brasil confirms that 37 of its new cars, in route from Hamburg, Germany, to Santos, Brazil, were aboard the vessel Grande America that suffered a maritime incident near the coast of Brest, France, on March 12, 2019. Among the fleet were four 911 GT2 RS units. In a special decision and to uphold its commitment to its valued Brazilian customers, Porsche has ensured that those units will be reproduced in the order in which they were originally confirmed."

We're excited to hear Porsche won't leave those customers hanging just because a ship sank. Perhaps Porsche won't be using the same kind of ship to transport the next batch across the Atlantic. On a completely unrelated note, we've heard the French coast is a wonderful place to go scuba diving this time of year.

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