Tesla Model Y reveal tonight: Teaser shown, and everything we know so far

All the details on Tesla's new crossover

The Tesla Model Y, the electric car company's fourth model, will be revealed tonight at the company's Los Angeles design studio. Tesla tweeted out a teaser video this afternoon to give us a look at the silhouette. The covered car looks a whole lot like a smaller Model X, which is not at all surprising. Rakish SUV "coupes" are all the rage, and Tesla appears to be entering the fray.

Though the company has kept many details well hidden, we know a decent amount about the car. In anticipation of this evening's reveal, we've compiled everything we know about the Model Y to share with you.

What is the Model Y?

Tesla's fourth vehicle will be a compact electric crossover. It's closely related to the current Model 3, with about 75 percent of the Y coming from the current sedan. That includes key components such as the motors and battery packs. It will even share some styling, likely the upturned nose and lack of a grille opening. The Y will be a bit larger than 3 – Musk previously said it will be roughly 10 percent bigger – and thus it will have slightly less range than the smaller, more aerodynamic 3. Don't expect the Model Y to get the Model X's outrageous gull-wing doors either, since this is going to be a more affordable model.

Why is it called the Model Y?

Don't you mean "Y is it called Model Y?" Sorry, we couldn't resist. If you line up the letters of the Model S, Model 3, Model X and Model Y, you spell out "S3XY." If that still seems a bit immature, remember this is coming from a company that recently added fart sounds to its cars.

When and where will it be built?

The Model Y is slated to be built at Tesla's Gigafactory in Nevada, which will make it the first Tesla model to be assembled there. The other Tesla models are built at the company's Fremont assembly plant. Model Ys will also be built at the Tesla Gigafactory that's being constructed in China, though those cars will be destined for the Chinese market, not the U.S. Production is expected to begin early next year.

How much will it cost?

Official pricing will be announced at the reveal, but Musk estimated the price to be about 10 percent more than the Model 3 to go along with the size increase. With the base Model 3 starting at $36,500 before tax credits, we figure the Model Y will cost roughly $40,000.

How far will it go?

Not as far as the Model 3 because of added weight and worse aerodynamics. Since it's so closely based on the Model 3, it will probably offer similar battery and motor options. The base rear-drive model will probably go just over 200 miles, and the top-end dual-motor model will probably go just over 300 miles on a charge.

The final specifications, pricing and features will all be announced during the Model Y's reveal tonight. So stay tuned to Autoblog for all the details.

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