Check out this record-breaking six-legged spider robot

You can thank Star Wars for the existence of this bot

Transcript: Star Wars inspired this walking robot. Mantis is a rideable hexapod robot from British engineer Matt Denton. You can control Mantis remotely using WiFi or ride inside of it to operate. The six-legged robot is powered by a turbo diesel engine. Mantis has a top speed of 0.6 mph it stands 9 feet 2 inches tall and 16 feet 4 inches wide. Mantis weighs in at 4,188 lbs. Matt Denton's robot earned him a Guinness World Record. Mantis is officially the largest rideable hexapod robot. Denton's love for animatronics began when he first saw the AT-AT robot from Star Wars. His passion and hard work have led him to work on popular film franchises like Harry Potter and Star Wars.

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