Alfa Romeo to unveil Tonale at the Geneva Motor Show

The compact SUV and its name were spied on the show floor

Alfa Romeo is bringing a new model to the Geneva Motor Show, and it's likely to be called the Tonale. This is as much as we know so far. The Tonale, the name of which is currently being propped onto the stage in Geneva, is expected to be a small SUV. But the vehicle's basis is being hotly debated right before it's scheduled to be revealed.

The compact SUV was also spied on the show floor right now, and the photo leak ran on the "Masera" Facebook page. First seen with its daytime running lights glowing under the wraps, then completely uncovered, the Tonale seems to have a sharp, yet curvy design, with aggressive front detailing. Based on earlier information, we're also expecting the Tonale to be available as a plug-in hybrid.

Earlier information called the compact SUV to be based on FCA's Small Wide platform, with Automotive News saying it's likely to be sharing technology with the Jeep Compass, which is expected to be built in Italy in the near future. Later on, a Greek site called (no relation) theorized that the new SUV would be built on the Giorgio platform instead, which would make it more of a true Alfa Romeo and a scaled-down Stelvio instead. As Carscoops says, the Tonale name comes from a mountain pass not quite as tall as the Stelvio Pass.

The size and dimensions of the spied Tonale could make it likely to ride on Small Wide, or the long-wheelbase version of the platform, as the Small Wide platform (in several variants) underpins both the Renegade, Compass, and both the Fiat 500X and 500L, just with different lengths. The overhangs, especially the front, are longer than on Jeeps, but for it to run on a cut-down Giorgio might be a stretch.

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