This Indiegogo e-bike wants to replace your car

Top speed is 40 mph

Transcript: Would you replace your car with this e-bike? The Electrom Light Electric Vehicle (LEV) is an emission-free e-bike. Designed to get you through congested traffic. The bike was created with the purpose of replacing your car. It includes led lights, turns signals, and side mirrors. The e-bike can travel a distance of 62 miles while riding at 20 mph in its base configuration. And can reach speeds of 40 mph with a total range of 186 miles using add-on battery packs. LEV weighs 120 lbs without a battery and includes a removable trunk that can carry up to 184 lbs. The Electrom LEV will start at $4,000 with one $750 battery included. The creators are expected to begin delivery in December 2019.

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