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Kia just keeps going with the electric flow. The South Korean carmaker has already introduced the e-Niro and Soul EV, and in Europe will put a plug-in hybrid version of the Ceed wagon on sale later this year. Next month, Kia will unveil a performance-minded electric vehicle at the Geneva Motor Show.

The company had almost nothing to say about it beyond the philosophical: The concept will be "a visual embodiment of the company's desire to move forward in the exciting world of electrification." Moving forward appears to mean addressing all of the enduring issues consumers have with EVs, meaning looks, range, performance and recharging. The Audi E-Tron GT set at least two of those bars unexpectedly high, so we look forward to finding out what Kia's European design center in Frankfurt has come up with.

That means looking in a different direction than the electric Kia's that have come so far. The Geneva concept is meant to "get your pulse racing," and to "signpost our holistic and emotional approach to electrification."

The Soul EV and e-Niro both use a 64-kWh battery to power a motor with 201 horsepower on to 238 miles of range. Since neither the Soul EV nor e-Niro are expected to get our hairs up with their driving chops, it's possible the Geneva concept ups the power on the motor in return for less range. But that would be less impressive than the press release billing, wouldn't it? And it would be a shame to waste the concept's bulging fender fenders and beastly lines on something, well ... less than totally electrifying.

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