Michigan powerlifter saves man trapped under Jeep Grand Cherokee

The Jeep rolled onto its roof after hitting another vehicle

Until a few weeks ago, the winter in southeastern Michigan had been fairly mild. Warm weather and clear skies delayed our first snowfall until just after the 2019 Detroit Auto Show. Since then, it seems as if the snow hasn't stopped falling. While a big helping of the white stuff has been great for sledding, snowmen and rear-drive cars with winter tires (see: BMW M2 Competition), not everyone on the road is having a good time. Last week, a man was saved from being trapped under a Jeep Grand Cherokee when a Michigan powerlifter named Ryan Belcher raised the SUV and set him free. The rescue took place in Ypsilanti, Michigan, about 35 miles west of Detroit. According to ABC station WXYZ, Belcher heard a crash outside his workplace Thursday afternoon, running out to see if he could help. A Jeep was sitting on its roof in the middle of the street after colliding with another vehicle. The Jeep's driver was stuck underneath with just his torso sticking out. Belcher lifted and pushed the Grand Cherokee forward, freeing the trapped driver.

"I just hear a big smash and, as I look out, a crowd of people are coming and this vehicle is flipped upside down and my first instinct was to just take off out there," Belcher said. "I just lifted and started pushing the vehicle as hard as I could."

As hard as he could proved to be hard enough. Both drivers suffered serious injuries but are expected to recover.

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