Car cleaning accessories for under $20

Cleaning your car doesn't have to be expensive

These products are great for keeping both your interior and exterior shiny and clean.

1. This duster is made out of cotton and plastic, and features strong water absorption.

Car duster
Multi-functional car duster
Purchase here on Amazon - $7.35

2. This mitt is designed for any sized hand, it's extra absorbent, and it's machine washable.

Wash mitt
Mothers gray premium wash mitt
Purchase here on Amazon - $5.00

3. This waterless wash promises no streaking, smearing or scratching.

Waterless wash
Shine Armor fortify quick coat
Purchase here on Amazon - $19.95

4. This 8oz container of gel reduces airborne bacteria to keep your car smelling fresh.

Ozium odor eliminator
Ozium smoke & odors eliminator
Purchase here on Amazon - $6.55

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