BMW X3 M and X4 M sound good and gnarly in teaser clip

Performance crossovers will debut later in the year

After unveiling the X3 in 2017 and its coupe sibling the X4 in early 2018, BMW is ready to bring its small crossovers into the performance space. We already have a good idea what the two will look like, especially the X3 M, and now we know they'll provide a good exhaust soundtrack, as well, thanks to a new teaser video. Posted to BMW's Facebook, the brief 36-second video is a lesson in quick-cut cinematography. It mixes up-close detail shots of the the camouflaged crossovers with clips of the two cars during on- and off-road testing. The X4 M is even seen ripping up the side of a rocky hillside.

Most important, the video includes an aural teaser, previewing the performance exhaust. During takeoffs and drive-bys the exhaust sounds like it has some grunt, showing off a low, growly, poppy tune we'd expect from BMW's M division.

BMW has yet to release many details about power, but we expect the X3 M to be quite a beast. We believe it will be available in regular and Competition-spec models with more than 400 horsepower. The X4 M will likely offer something similar. Check out the video and look for a full reveal in a few months.

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