'DeLorean' hovercraft took 4.5 years to build

'What the hell is a gigawatt?'

Transcript: Doc Brown would love this DeLorean hovercraft. This hand-built hovercraft is unfortunately not an actual DeLorean. Self-proclaimed tinkerer Matt Riese sculpted it from styrofoam to look like a DeLorean. The project took 4.5 years to complete.

The vehicle is based on the Universal Hovercraft UH-13PT blueprint. During practice runs, the hovercraft reached a max speed of 31 mph. Its body is made out of glued styrofoam insulation, fiberglass, and metallic paint. A fan in the front pushes air down to the hull and skirt of the craft. Another fan pushes the craft forward. Even when the engine stops, the craft stays afloat due to its styrofoam body. The DeLorean Hovercraft houses a 23 hp twin cylinder utility engine.

The floating faux DeLorean is currently up for sale for $45,000.

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