Toyota Supra Super GT race car concept debuts at Tokyo Auto Salon

It previews a future GT500-class car

We're literally days away from the production Supra being revealed, but apparently Toyota had to get one more concept out the door before then: the Toyota Supra Super GT GR Racing concept. At first glance, it's a bit like the race car concept shown in Geneva last year, but this car is more aggressive-looking, and it is designed for a specific racing series.

This Supra concept previews a GT500-class race car for the 2020 Super GT racing series. The series primarily takes place in Japan, with a stop in Thailand. It comprises two classes, GT500 and GT300. The former features cars similar to German DTM cars, and the latter features cars built for GT300 and for FIA GT3. And as this Supra concept shows, GT500 permits some fairly extreme aerodynamic changes such as wide, boxy fenders and large fins and wings. Toyota didn't announce any details about the engine, but we know it has to be a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder, since that's what the GT500 class rules require.

Weirdly, the Supra Super GT car won't be the first new-generation Supra to go racing. That honor goes to the Supra NASCAR that will compete in the Xfinity Cup this year. The Xfinity Cup is the second-highest level of NASCAR racing, with the Monster Energy series at the top. Even though the Super GT car won't be the first to race, at least it looks a lot better than the NASCAR.

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