Infiniti QX Inspiration crossover EV is another step toward a grille-less future

Concept will be fully revealed at the Detroit Auto Show

Infiniti has released its first image of its Detroit Auto Show concept car, and unsurprisingly, it's electric, and it's a crossover. Also, just as Nissan's design vice president hinted at last year, it pushes the design ideas of the Q Inspiration sedan concept a little farther, and in an arguably more controversial direction.

Whereas the Q Inspiration concept had a mostly closed off grille with only a few openings, it was also still set back in a clear grille design. The QX Inspiration concept leaves the entire front end perfectly flush. There are still hints of a grille with metallic trim at the top and bottom that suggest a classic Infiniti grille shape, and the badge and logo float in the middle to further the idea. It's an interesting idea, but the ideas of having a grille and going without seem to be a bit at odds, and the result is a bulbous, flabby nose that doesn't flatter either design philosophy. We suppose it could be worse, though, and it may look better in person.

What we don't question is the product type. An electric crossover seems like the exact vehicle the car market is looking for. Infiniti hasn't gone into detail about powertrain specifics besides it using electricity and that it previews future electric platforms. Nissan's design V.P. noted that the company will be introducing more full electric vehicles, and this concept could feature an e-Power series hybrid powertrain in which the gas engine mostly exists as a generator. So it's possible that a future Infiniti crossover EV could be offered in full electric and range-extender variants. We'll have more information and photos when the QX Inspiration makes its official debut at the Detroit Auto Show on January 14.

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